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"Health & Advanced Medical Nutrition; because we focus on changing your Lifestyle"

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BiomediKcal arises, in early 2014, at the hands of its founder, Dr. Isaac Kuzmar.

Supported by his extensive experience, Dr. Kuzmar successfully carried out this pioneering initiative in Europe and America.


BiomediKcal has been conceived as a center that seeks to change the lifestyles of people in a positive and healthy way; dedicated to the development of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine through practice and research in these fields. The centers enjoy a location in a privileged environment and excellently equipped with the most advanced technology. We imply the use of therapeutic approaches based on lifestyle evidence: medical nutrition treatments, physical activity, stress management, adequate sleep, avoiding the consumption of substances of risk and other non-pharmacological modalities to prevent, treat, and often, reverse the chronic disease related to lifestyle.


Since its inauguration, the centers have been characterized by dynamism.  The dissemination and exchange of scientific information are part of the spirit, which is transmitted through multiple activities throughout the year.  Its professional team has the highest college and work experience in America and Europe; thereby encouraging research and application of new techniques in Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine and Body Image; It promotes the formation of specialized professionals and is willing to become the first specialized center in consulting in the area of nutrition and food.

This intense activity is channeled through conferences, courses, conferences and meetings. It is always in continuous improvement.

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