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"Health & Advanced Medical Nutrition; because we focus on changing your Lifestyle"

Most popular services:

Weight Loss Treatment.  We offer our highly successful personalized medical nutrition treatment. Our results have been published in scientific journals available in PubMed.

Business Advice. We offer technical, medical and nutritional development advice for innovative products and marketing campaigns to Food Industry that always seeks a continuous improvement. Consultancy and technological support.

Medical & Nutritional Assessment.  Nutritional assessment of individuals or population groups is a key area in which professionals working in the field of nutrition should be trained. 

Sport Stress Test. ​Is crucial for the prescription of a training program in athletes or for prescription of exercise in sedentary individuals. 

DNA Service.  With our DNA Service we can tell if your genetic information is affecting or will affect your health. Our genes are a part of who we are; therefore, DNA directly impact your health. Knowing more about your DNA you will know if you have a genetic risk, being able to make changes in your lifestyle to get a healthier life.

HQ Primary Health Care. Our medical team has many years of professional work experience with medical license in the National Health Systems of Colombia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. We can treat almost all pathologies, according to the standards and processes of the most advanced medical and paramedical services worldwide.